Four Legs GoodFour Legs GoodFOUR LEGS GOOD (1978-present)
An ongoing portfolio, ever more intimate, of the life of animals where animals becomes the landscapes. Includes diptychs, triptychs, and abstracts.

Roman HolidayROMAN HOLIDAY (2008-09)
Street work from the Eternal City.

photoTHE BACKSTRETCH (2004-present)
The photographer became a licensed New York Racing Association employee and hot walker in order to intimately photograph life on the backstretch of one of the oldest thoroughbred race tracks in the United States.

photo to comeASYLUM (2008-present)
Portraits of asylum seekers from around the world caught in the U.S legal system, in collaboration with Physicians for Human Rights.

MilkMILK (2000-present)
An intimate look at the small family farm in Vermont and New York, including the photographer’s own herd of dairy goats.

Some WomenSOME WOMEN (1974-present)
A continuing exploration of women and the photographer’s relationship to them and herself, includes self-portraits. Includes catalog and “The Barbie Doll Book”

The Last CountryTHE LAST COUNTRY (1995-1998)
A portrait of rural Appalachia today, focusing on elderly farmers in a southern West Virginia mountain community. Part of this project sponsored  by the Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation.

Caught in the ActCAUGHT IN THE ACT  (1981-2006)
Performance photography documenting over a decade of dance, theater, and performance art. Published by Aperture as Caught in the Act; A Visual History of Multimedia Performance (1996).

Garden of EdenTHE GARDEN OF EDEN (1983-1998)
Fifteen years of participatory photography with the mentally ill and homeless of NYC. This portfolio documents a community of schizophrenics who live on Coney Island. Includes photographs hand-colored and written on by people with severe mental illness.. Winner 2002 Lange-Taylor Prize. The portfolio also includes “Picturing Ourselves” (2002-2004)  a collaborative documentary project in upstate New York.

photo to comePORTRAIT OF INNOCENCE (1998-2000)
Portraits of men wrongfully convicted and later exonerated through DNA testing.

Woodcutter's ChristmasA WOODCUTTER'S CHRISTMAS (1990-2003)
Photo-essay of discarded Christmas trees on NYC streets. Pub by Council Oak Books (2001), story by Brad Kessler.

Olympic CityOLYMPIC CITY (1988-1992)
Street photography from Barcelona. Documents the impoverished neighborhoods torn down for the 1992 Olympics. Includes artist book.

Alphabet City: BoxerALPHABET CITY (1980-1998)
A look at the gentrification of the Lower East Side. Includes an artist book.

The Nuclear Survival KitTHE NUCLEAR SURVIVAL KIT (1978-1985)
A seven-year look at the Nuclear Industry in America. Includes street posters and three artist books.

Arresting ImagesARRESTING IMAGES (1980- )
A portfolio of street protests, demonstrations and political actions .anti-war, woman’s issues and ACT UP.

Williamsburg, BrooklynWILLIAMSBURG, BROOKLYN  (1977-1980)
Photographs of the Hasidic and Hispanic communities.

photo to comeBLACK & WHITE AUSTRALIA (1978-1979)
A look at an aboriginal community in the Australian Outback. Includes an artist book.

The SeventiesTHE SEVENTIES (1974-1979)
Early work from the American west.

photo to comeWORK IN THE COMMUNITY (1983-present)
Includes portfolios of community artists  who documented themselves, standing behind the camera, not in front.

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