dona ann mcadams
Dona Ann McAdams: Some Women

This [portfolio] offers only a taste of McAdams work. It is organized around some of her images of women – not her sole subject certainly, but one which appears frequently in her work. Cutting across her many series, McAdams’ photographs of women reveal the validity of the notion of the gendered gaze. Here is a woman looking at women – she observes and records them with an immense empathy – capturing the awkward exhibitionism of prostitutes in the back streets of Barcelona, the wary calculation of a mental patient, or the weary resignation on the deeply lined face of an elderly farm woman.

Never objectified, these women retain their humanity and offer us a glimpse of complex inner lives. One suspects that for McAdams, the camera offers a kind of second sight. In these images we see that it guides her as much as she guides it, leading her, and hence us, into otherwise inaccessible worlds.
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